How’s the Greek dinner going?

Do you want to know how Greek culture differs from Polish? In this articule you will find out how the Greek dinner works and what they serve on it.
We will cover topics such as:
-The importance of dinner in Greek culture
-Presence of alcohol during dinner
-Greek feasting

-Popular dishes during dinner in Greece

In Greece, dinner is the most important meal of the day!

The Greeks eat plenty of food during their dinner. While breakfast is usually very modest and lunch is very light in the course of siesta. Do not be scared by the Greek etiquette at the table, or rather the lack of it. If someone starts slurping right next to you, eating a salad from a plate or dancing on a table, it’s not worth being surprised. It’s hard to find Greek-style fish in Greece, it is rather written in a Polish tradition. It is as foreign for the Greeks as the tae. However, coffee is he order of the day. The Greeks drink coffee at any time of the day. They usually drink Greek wine with dinner.

Greek alcohol on a dinner table

We would like to introduce you to the drinks that you must try if you want to get to know Greece better.

Wine – Ellada is famous for it! Dry, sweet, semi-sweet… White is most often served with seafood, and red with meat. If you visit several different restaurants, you will try many wines, because many of them have their own wine. Interestingly, in super markets they are often sold in plastic bottles

Ouzo – is a drink that Poles often do not like because of its anise flavor. However, the alcohol content is high – it can be as high as 48%! Most often it is served with an ice cube or simply chilled. It turns milky when water is added. The Greeks believe that it goes best with seafood.

Tsipouro – I call it „Greek vodka” because the alcohol content is around 40%. They are made from products that remain after wine production, the so-called bagasse. Greeks most often choose this drink for appetizers – olives, cheese or sardines. Tsipouro, depending on the region, may have a different name.

Metaxa – Greek brandy. It is made of a distillate mixed with muscat wine, herbs and rose petals. Most often it is served in a glass without any additives, but you can also find several recipes for drinks.

Greek feasting

They attach great importance to food and love to celebrate meals with their loved ones. Feasting together is an inseparable element of Greek culture and tradition.

When they meet in taverns, they order food to the center of the table so that everyone can taste each of the dishes. It is natural that all revelers eat from one bowl and share their meals. Such shared eating strengthens bonds between people and allows you to forget about all worries and differences between the participants of the feast.

If you are ever invited to a Greek dinner, remember that no Greek mother, let alone grandmother, will allow you to sit at an empty plate. He’ll give you a little extra as soon as you eat your portion. Don’t even try to say no. You will not win.

The most popular dishes during dinner in Greece
The main dishes of Greek cuisine are stews, such as moussaka and small skewers, salads and appetizers in the form of stuffed peppers, a kind of cabbage rolls wrapped in grape leaves and nutritious soups. Greek cuisine has many borrowings from Eastern cuisine, mainly Turkish.

If a Greek is hungry and needs an immediate and filling meal, he will certainly reach for the grilled skewers, which are already popular all over the world. Finely chopped pork or chicken meat is stuffed on a skewer and baked on a wire rack. They are served in the same way as gyros, i.e. on a plate or in a pita pie, with fresh vegetables and yogurt-based tzatziki sauce, with cucumber, garlic and mint.

One of the most delicious and popular dishes in this country consists of layers of fried eggplant, tomatoes and minced meat, sometimes a layer of sliced ​​potatoes is also added. The last layer is a creamy béchamel sauce and grated yellow cheese, which turns into a golden and crispy crust when baked. You can also get equally tasty vegetarian versions in many places. For Greeks, moussaka is inextricably linked with home cooking and childhood memories.

Another culinary temptation typical of Greek cuisine that hardly anyone can resist are dolmades, which are something like our stuffed cabbage rolls. However, in Greece, the meat stuffing with rice is wrapped in grape leaves, making the Greek stuffing smaller. Dolmades are usually stuffed with lamb and served warm with a sauce.

Greek salad, called country salad, is a favorite side dish with most meals. The basic version includes ripe tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, olive oil, oregano and salt. However, you can add your favorite ingredients to your liking, the most common being olives, red onion, green pickled pepper and Greek feta, which is second to none. You can also sometimes meet a version with capers, seasoned with vinegar and parsley.

Baklava is a dessert found not only in Greece, but also popular in Turkey, Bulgaria and the Middle East. Greek baklava is made of phyllo dough, layered with layers of finely chopped walnuts, pistachios or almonds mixed with sugar or honey. The whole thing is baked, then cut into smaller pieces and poured over with a syrup made of water, sugar and lemon juice.

We hope each of you will have the opportunity to participate in a Greek dinner! Να έχεις μια καλή ημέρα!

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