Greek regional products

Greece is a country with a long summer season. We can find a variety of products there, exported to various other parts of the world. The products featured in the following post you must try while in this country!

Feta cheese

This product probably everyone can associate with Greece. The original feta cheese is produced exclusively in Greece. It is a cheese with a characteristic white color. The color owed to the mixture of sheep’s milk with goat’s milk or only sheep’s milk. This cheese is characterized by it’s salty taste, creaminess and a hint of spiciness. It is a soft, ripering cheese and takes a minimum of 3 months.


Olive oil

This product couldn’t be missing! There are different types of olives and they are used in many ways. Olives grow on olive trees. These trees are long-lived, which is why we have a lot of these fruits in Greece. The color of the olive depends on the degree of ripeness. The green color tells us that the fruit is young and the darker color tells us that the fruit is more mature. Olives are most commonly used to make olive oil.

Olive oil

It is another product that is famous all over the Greece. Such oil is obtained by cold or hot pressing from the flesh of the olive fruit. Good oils are characterized by a slightly bitter-spicy taste, and the aroma should be fresh and pleasant. Olive oil is an excellent addition to many dishes both cold and hot, (e. g. to salads and pitas).

Wine vinegar

It is a Greek condiment and also a side effect during wine making. When the temperature of the wine exceeds about 30°C, we don’t throw away our product, but convert it into wine vinegar. It is obtained by acetic fermentation. It can be used as an addition to salads, vegetables and marinades for meat.

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