Greek street food

Somebody has been in a situation when we were tired, hungry and did not have time to prepare a meal. In such situations, street food comes to our aid! In the market you can increasingly find different types of dishes, where everyone can find something for themselves, from small snacks to valuable meals.


It is one of the most famous dishes in Greek cuisine. These are pieces of marinated poultry or pork meat stuffed on special skewers in the form of skewers. A marinade of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, sweet paprika, thyme, pepper and mint gives this dish all its flavour. Well marinated meat is fried and then baked at a fairly high temperature, which allows us to preserve the juiciness of the meat. Souvlaki is usually served with tzatziki, pita and chips.


Gyros is the second most popular fast food in Greece. Greeks consider it the most convenient meal that can be eaten tasty fast and affordable. It is made with pork or chicken meat roasted on a vertical variety. Such meat is usually served in pita bread with tomatoes, red onions, fries and tzacyki sauce.


Now maybe something sweet! The most iconic sweet dish in Greece is baklava. This is a traditional dessert prepared with filo pastry layered with pistachio nuts. The whole dish is deliciously sweet and the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee. The syrup made from honey, water and lemon, which is poured over our baklava, is responsible for it’s sweetness. Finished dish is sprinkled with chopped nuts and tastes best cold.


And maybe now something for spinach and feta cheese lovers! Spanakopita is loved by Greeks, which is why it appears in every Greek bakery. It is another example of using filo pastry layered with spinach and feta cheese. The addition of feta adds a deliciously salty flavor and aroma. The dish tastes best when served the next day.

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